*Death and the Maiden* #poetry


His mahogany voice

Full of whiskey
Whispered promises
Of nebulous deeds
Star shattered feelings
In the obscure part
Of my opaque spirit
Revelry ruptures my placid Hart
Benevolence flees my body
In search of pleasurable pain
To alleviate the empty space
Left in my dying imagination
Oh how sweet the memory
Of sublime creation
My milky way of artistry
Leaves me with tears of starlight
Filling the river Styx


On my deathbed
His whispers
Destroy and rebuild me
Fortifying my eternal devotion
To his purpose
To his very essence
The other half of my soul


©Helle Gade 2018


Wolfe Words #poetry


You’re a wolf
In sheep clothing
Spouting pretty words
Utter nonsense
Flowery prose
Lies in disguise


You think me
behind my back
Telling tales
of my ignorance


But be warned
I know you tricks
There will be no pardon
I will purge you
From my body
And certainly my mind



Helle Gade 2018

Triptychs (Mind’s Eye Series Book 3)#FREE #BABB

Do I have a treat for everyone. 🙂
Triptychs (Mind’s Eye Series Book 3) is FREE for a short time. All the short stories and poetry is inspired by original photos. I’m lucky to be part of this book as both photographer and poet.



Cover Reveal and Pre-Ordre of Tales From The Cacao Tree #AmReading

I’m pleased to present you with the cover for the 4 book in the Mind’s Eye series,

Tales From The Cacao Tree.

It’s all about the sinfully delicious chocolate.

The awesome Kat from Aeternum Designs made the amazing cover.


Pre.order the book now and pay ony 99 cents.

The price is a pre-order discount, and will go up to 3.99 when the book goes live.


Amazon pre-order


You can find the previous books in The Minds’ Eye series here: