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Badass Book Society is Now Taking Applications #BaBB

Badass Book Society is now taking applications for Badass Professionals.

Are you a Badass Professional? Have you been working with authors in the Indie Publishing world for longer than 2 years? Can you provide at least 4 references from authors or publishers attesting to your work? Do you frequently help other individuals that are not your client for the benefit of the industry? Are you willing to give a discount to Badass Book Society Members? If you answered yes to these questions, you are just the type of Badass Indie Publishing Professional Badass Book Society is looking for.

Badass Book Society is looking for Indie Publishing Professionals in the following areas:

  • Cover Design
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Interior & Formatting Layout Design
  • Personal Assistants
  • PR & Marketing
  • Publishing Consultants
  • Publishing/Book Packagers
  • Tour Coordinators

Other ‘divisions’ will be handled and added as the need arises. If you are knowledgeable, ethical, and have clients that can give you a recommendation contact Badass Book Society. If you would like to recommend a professional you have worked with, let Badass Book Society know and have the professional contact BaBS.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to private professional only and author/professional forums
  • Opportunity to be on at least 1 podcast at least once annually. Podcasts will be perpetually available and promoted indefinitely.
  • Benefit from Badass Book Society Marketing & PR blitzes.
  • Professional landing page with information about your service/company/history, logo, social media contacts, listing of services, examples of work (if possible with image) as well as up to 4 testimonials from happy clients.
  • email address
  • Additional benefits are in the planning stages and will be announced soon.

About Badass Book Society

Over the course of several weeks—months, actually—an editor, cover designer, author, publishing consultant, and blogger all hung out and discussed what was going on in the Indie publishing arena. Tales of individuals marketing themselves as editors without even a moderate understanding of grammar rules, blog tours with absolutely zero engagement and planning, embarrassing covers, formatting that was a jumbled mess, and authors who brow-beat reviewers for poor reviews were just a few of the things discussed with this Publishing Round-table.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

These individuals decided they wanted readers to have a place where they were guaranteed a Badass Reading experience. A place where the reader could be sure the book they purchased was professionally written, edited, formatted, covered, and promoted. So, Badass Book Society was born.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Then we started thinking…What constitutes a Badass Author? Is it an author who has a large following on social media? An author who consistently hits the Best Seller list (or says they do, anyway)? Or is a Badass Author an author who takes their writing and publishing seriously? Someone who pays or barters for editing, formatting, covers, promotion. You know, someone who puts their money where their mouth is.

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

While these professionals were sitting around brainstorming, the idea of having a directory, of sorts, to list reputable Indie publishing professionals started to take hold. What if we could list Badass Professionals who went above and beyond for their authors? What if we listed those Professionals who had the experience, knowledge, and originality to always produce stellar results? So, Badass Professionals was born.

A call for Badass Authors is imminent but you can find out more about becoming a Badass Author at

For More Information:

Example of Professional’s Landing Page:

Blood Isle, Calasade Series by Mark Stone #Amreading @calasade


Blood Isle: Calasade Series virtual book tour featured by Happy Geek Media




Blood Isle, Calasade Series

by Mark Stone

Genres: Greco-Roman, Illustrated, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Mythology, Romance

248 Pages

Release date: May 18, 2015


Calasade is a Greco-Roman Fantasy world that was in development for over five years. The world of Calasade has enough in common with Ancient Rome and borrows enough from Greek and Roman mythology that it will seem familiar, but also offers plenty of its own lore so that it is something new and different, the latter especially true when the world of Calasade and its tales are compared to fantasy taking place in worlds based on Medieval Europe.

A love of fantasy tropes intertwined with the unique helped bring Calasade and Blood Isle to fruition. You will find neither the knight in shining armor nor the never-do-good evil sorcerer.

The people of Calasade in Blood Isle are not so different than us in that they belong squarely inside the gray box of existence. As such, each and every one is capable of heroic acts one moment and dark ones the next depending on what’s at stake and the means available for acquiring their goals.

Blood Isle is an illustrated novel. While part of a series, it is like all Calasade stories and can be read as a stand-alone. Thank you for taking the time to check out Calasade: Blood Isle.







Follow the Blood Isle Tour here

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May 26th Tasha’s Thinkings Guest Post

May 27th The Writer’s Journey Author Q&A & Illustration

May 28th Desafio in the City Unique Excerpt & Illustration

May 29th KP’s Cafe Review/Playlist/Illustration

May 30th Happy Geek Media Review & the Works



Author Mark Stone of Blood Isle and the Calasade series

Mark Stone splits his time between the United States and Spain with his greatest inspiration, his wife. Having written award-winning Flash Fiction, he is now a novelist writing tales mostly of Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery. He will sometimes get a wild hair and venture into other areas—namely, Weird Western and Historical Fiction. Look for the latter in the near future. Most of his stories are based in Calasade, a fantasy world heavily influenced by Ancient Rome.






Blood Isle: Calasade Tour hosted by…


Happy Geek Media Blood Isle Virtual Tour

Meet Author Tracy James Jones #AmReading @Hatchiekid

I’m delighted to introduce you to my wonderful friend Tracy.

IMG_9875 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Bio: Tracy James Jones is a novelist, blogger, book reviewer, former actor & artist in Dallas and Waxahachie, Texas. In terms of genre, Jones writes interracial/multicultural romantic drama with an LGBT twist. Literary portfolio includes four novels, two original screenplay projects, and a collection of short stories. Her work has been featured on various online sites, including the Huffington Post & as teacher support material for the International Baccalaureate Organization. Her extended social media networks include a blog, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Muck Rack, Pinterest & Twitter.


– What genre do you write?

Multicultural romantic drama with an LGBT twist.


– Have you always wanted to be an author?

Not until high school.  I actually wanted to be a professional singer or actor. I juggled all three for a few years, but I found my happy place with writing.


– Tell me 3 things about yourself that your readers don’t know.

  1. I’m a complication of emotions. I suppose that helps with my writing. I’m also easy going, but true to my zodiac sign, I can be a fierce lioness when I need to be.


  1. Raised as an only child, most people assume that I was spoiled.   My mother wouldn’t allow it.  Over the years, I spoiled myself too much. Now that I am older, I think I do have that personality.


  1. I’m an introverted person who totally enjoys being that way. It takes a lot of courage for me to step out of my safety zone and into the public realm.  Being somewhat shy too doesn’t help me at all.


Tell me about your books.

“Secrets & Lies”

~ A Different Kind of Love Story ~

 Secrets Covers - Copy

(Multicultural Romantic Drama)


“Sometimes a need for keeping secrets…

Can be just as intriguing as a reason for telling lies…”


“Secrets & Lies” is a provocative, uncensored, character-driven, emotional journey into the private lives of four central characters in a small Texas town.  At the heart of the story is a beautiful transgender woman of color who questions her personal worth as she fights to keep the life and love she has always wanted. Even the elements of true confessions get lost in translation as the details of who these people really are brings them together in a surprising, yet necessary finale that will change their lives forever.



 “Torn: Sixty days of Calaboose

~ A Fictional Memoir ~


(Contemporary Psychological LGBT Drama)

Warning: Adult language, mild sexual situations.

“It is said that a mind is a terrible thing to waste…

For some, it is also a very terrifying thing to lose…”


Unjustly accused of a crime, a sensitive, feminine male struggles to keep his sanity while incarcerated in a small town jail inhabited by a variety of unpredictable strangers.



The Crush”

 (Flash Fiction)

(Huffington Post & IBO Teacher Support Material)

 The Crush Cover

For Adults this is a little reminder of how innocent love can be and how long it can last. For Young Adults it is undeniable proof that emotionally, grown-ups were once exactly like them.




Blog: “Let’s Talk About Book’s”– is a public forum used to showcase, promote, and support Independent & Traditional Literary Entertainment.


  • 1st Local Book Signing Event – “No Tears For A Hero” – 1995
  • 1st National Book Signing Tour – “Searching For Eden” – 2003
  • Local Author Appreciation Event – N. P. Sims Library – 2003
  • Guest Speaker – Italy High School Creative Writing Class – 2004
  • Writer’s League of Texas Member – Since 2007
  • “Secret & Lies” – Novel – 2011
  • “Secret & Lies 2 – A Family Affair” – Novella – 2012
  • “The Inhabitants of Magnolia Park” – Novel/Screenplay – 2012
  • “The Crush” – Short-Short Story (flash Fiction) – 2013
  • “Torn: Sixty Days of Calaboose” – Novel – 2014
  • Book Signing – Oak Lawn Library – June 2015
  • Guest Speaker – Book & Brews Lecture Series – December 2015

Other Acclaim:

  • Guest Judge for the 2013-15 RONE` (Romance Novel) Awards (Las Vegas)
  • Featured in the 2013-15 Indie-Vengeance Day Author Event (Dallas)
  • Guest Judge for the 2014 HuffPost50/AARP Memoir Contest
  • Guest Judge for the 2014-15 Rainbow Books Awards
  • Featured Author in the Transcending Gender Project

Badass Book Society is Looking for Beta Readers #BaBB


Website | Facebook | Twitter

You might have heard that there is a new author/reader/professional organization in the works. Badass Book Society hopes to promote professionalism in the indie and small press arena, improving reader experience and the quality of books available. One step in this process is having beta readers to help authors release the best manuscript that they can. Additional calls for critique partners, as well as preferred publishing professionals will come in the near future.

beta call2

Badass Book Society is currently looking for beta readers comfortable in all different genres. If you are a beta reader, or interested in becoming a beta reader, please sign up for more information at or fill out the form below.

TRIPTYCHS Cover Reveal (Mind’s Eye series book 3)

I’m so happy to be part of the Mind’s Eye series again.

I’m lucky to be amongst such talented authors, poets and photographer.

I provided pictures for the other authors and poets,and poems inspired by pictures by Martin David Porter.I was also lucky to provide pictures for the cover, which Jason McIntyre worked his magic on and created this awesome work of art.



There are three sides to every story.

Take a mental image,

Divide it three ways,

You’ll read all the angles




12 Authors – 2 Photographers


You can find out more about the Mind’s Eye series here:

– Facebook

– Quiet Fury Books


You can find out more about the amazing authors, poets and photographer here:

Maria Savva…

Darcia Helle…

Michael J Radcliffe…

Jason Mcintyre…

Eden Baylee…

Julie Elizabeth Powell 

Lisette Brodey…

Ben Ditmars…

Helle Gade…

Jay Finn…

Marc Nash…

Geoffery West

Martin David Porter…


Heart’s Beat by Charity Parkerson #NewRelease

Hearts Beat - Banner


TITLE – Heart’s Beat
SERIES – Ugly Eternity
AUTHOR – Charity Parkerson
GENRE – GBLT Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – December 1, 2014
PUBLISHER – Punk & Sissy Publications
COVER ARTIST – Charity Parkerson





By day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan.

For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity. There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams—being kept a secret.

**Author Note**
Heart’s Beat is the introduction to a new series—Ugly Eternity. You can grab this M/M Romance for only $0.99 USD.








Charity Parkeron Author pic 1



Charity Parkerson is an award winning and multi-published author with Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Indie Publishing House LLC, and Punk & Sissy Publications. Born with no filter from her brain to her mouth, she decided to take this odd quirk and insert it in her characters.

*Winner of 2, 2014 Readers’ Favorite Awards
*2014 Golden Ankh Nominee
*2013 Readers’ Favorite Award Winner
*2013 Reviewers’ Choice Award Winner
*2012 ARRA Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance
*Five-time winner of The Mistress of the Darkpath


Amazon Author PageWebsite/BlogFacebookTwitterGoogle+
PinterestTumblrNetworked BlogsGoodreadsShelfari
Coffetime RomanceEllora’s CavePassionate Ink

Young handsome macho man with muscle abdominal and open jacket



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Hark-A Christmas Collection by @JustinBog – #NewRelease

Book Description:
A beautifully written collection of short stories from critically acclaimed Pacific Northwest writer Justin Bog, Hark—A Christmas Collection explores the range of emotions surrounding the holidays. From melancholy to madness, loss and despair to hope and forgiveness, these six tales shimmer with feelings, some we’d rather stuff away, that Christmas can evoke. Within Hark—A Christmas Collection, a retired police officer faces another Christmas Eve while bitter recollections haunt his every turn, a lonely woman plans to seduce Santa Claus one Christmas Eve, a widow grows anxious as she searches for a present she misplaced and intended to send to her ungrateful sister, a woman can’t keep the images of her past—these ghosts—from haunting the life she chooses to live, a bookstore clerk and his partner join a Christmas party in Sun Valley, Idaho and are taught a lesson most un-holidaylike, and, finally, a couple portrays Mr. & Mrs. Claus in their small island town holiday festivities and face a grim diagnosis together. Set in colorful locations around the United States, from Anacortes, Washington, to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Sun Valley, Idaho, each tale focuses on people who struggle to make good choices, learn lessons, and maybe even find peace during the holiday season.A bonus story, Poseidon Eyes, from Booktrope’s upcoming reissue of Sandcastle and Other Stories—The Complete Edition, is included.



Author Bio:
Justin Bog lives in the Pacific Northwest on Fidalgo Island. Justin Bog was Pop Culture Correspondent and Editor for In Classic Style. He is an experimental cook, a lawn mower who colors outside the lines, and treat master to two long coat German shepherds, Zippy and Kipling, and two barn cats, Ajax The Gray and Eartha Kitt’n.

Cover Reveal: REFLECTIONS ~

Today is the day we reveal the cover for the second book in The Mind’s Eye series.

Reflections is a collaboration between authors, photographers and poets.

18 stories and poems inspired by 18 pictures.


Mart’s Arts Photography

and Me


Maria Savva

Darcia Helle

 Michael Radcliffe

 Jason McIntyre

 Mart’s Arts Photography


Ben Ditmars

and Me

~ ~ ~

Jason McIntyre is the creator of the awesome cover.


You can follow the progress and release date on

The Mind’s Eye Series Facebook Page

There you can also find information on the first book in the series



The Chocolate Book Tag Challenge

I’ve been invited to join The Chocolate Book Tag Challenge by the lovely author Maria Savva. You can find her post here Thank you for tagging me, Maria! J

Books and chocolate goes hand in hand in my opinion. Anyone that knows me know that I’m utterly addicted to both chocolate and books and I do not intent to give up any of those addictions.

The rules are that you should choose between 6-8 chocolate bars or types of chocolate and link them to books you think they might be a good accompaniment for.


Dark chocolate with chili:



Perspectives by Maria Savva, Dacia Helle and photographer Martin David Porter is definitely like dark chocolate with chili. The stories start out like sweet dark chocolate and then suddenly the bite of the chili appears.




Swiss Chocolate truffles:


Charity Parkersons A Secure Heart

These four stories in one book makes me think of chocolate truffles from Switzerland. They draw you in and doesn’t let go until the bowl is empty…ups…I mean until the book is finished.

Each a decadent bite of bliss.



Milk chocolate covered sweet licorice dusted in licorice powder:


Ben Ditmars Night Poems was one of the first poetry books I have ever read.

I devoured the book of darkness, love and hope the same way I devour those delicious licorice chocolate spheres.



Kinder bonbon:


The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

This book is one of my favorite books of all time and I vividly remember reading it while eating those delicious kinder bonbons. It will forever be a piece of my childhood that I often return to.



Summerbird chocolate:


Harry Potter 1-7

I couldn’t just choose one Harry Potter book, so I simply chose them all, which led me to choose mixed Summerbird chocolate. There is darkness, sweetness, bitterness, power, fluffy fun, champange love and surprises around every corner.



Well I think I deserve a piece of chocolate now.

While I’m stuffing my face with all that chocolate goodness I’m going to tag my friend Kim Stapf.

She is an awesome Indie author supporter and reviewer.

You can find her reviews here

She is also a photographer


Here is the link to some of the other Chocolate Book Tag Challenge participants:

Author/Poet Ben Ditmars:

Author Susan Buchanan: