Slow Motion Lightning

I was lucky to capture some awesome lightning videos a while ago. We had two nights of Thor raging across the sky.



Reflections in Florence #Photography

The river Arno in the Renaissance city  Florence in Italy. My mom took this awesome shot. 

Check out Wikipedia Florence
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Sunset Poetry


I wrote a poem in collaboration with the talented poet Ben Dirmars.

The poem is inspired by a beautiful sunset picture,

taken by the amazing Kim Stapf.


Theirs is sky above the trees

And we are lost below

The crimson failure

With a tangerine and blue indifference


Molten lava runs through our veins

While we gaze upon the liquid gold

That runs across the celestial sphere

As we try and find our way through life


Into a new horizon

Blanketed with clouds

And silhouettes of us

Entwined as scoria


With scarlet dreams

We enter the night

A new beginning

Of hushed whispers


You can find out more about Kim here:

Purplerose123 Blog


And Ben here: